About the best thing I did in 2020

It was August 2020. The first lockdown was behind us. The BeContent Studio in Mechelen offered their studio for free for photographers to extend their portfolio. A generous invitation to just do what you want to do, try out stuff. An initiative to support in difficult times. One opportunity that I gladly took.

Doing what you love

I came up with an idea for a joint personal brand photo shoot and called it the “Doing what you love” photo project. The goal? To create images for three female solopreneurs that would show what they love doing, images they could use to talk about & show their work.

For the project, I invited 3 wonderful women that I had previously either met in person or on social media. We talked about their missions and “why”, we made mood boards and shot lists met up to do the shoot. It was one of the best, if not the best thing, that I did in 2020. Not only because of the photos that I was able to take but also because of the atmosphere and the connection we felt. Doing things together is powerful. And of course, there was this amazing cake and coffee table.


This was the art work of Kristien, owner of Tulips and Cake. Kristien embraces many services in one business. She helps other entrepreneurs as a side-kick. She offers her unique skill of writing to help other entrepreneurs to get their message across. She opens her beautiful home to be a place of connection for small business owners and hosts meetings with cakes that are an eye-candy as much as they are delicious. Also, she is talented and kind and full of wonderful ideas. And I could go on… . But let’s not. Let’s just have a look at the images.

I hope they will speak for themselves.