Who is the photographer?

My name is Andrea Handl, I am the founder of and photographer at Momentuum photography, I am a wife, a mother of two and a great fan of long conversations and a good cup of coffee.


What’s my story?

My story is one of living different places in Europe, of exploration and growing, one of meeting fabulous people and finding new friends. I love children and always want to keep on learning about and from them – which is why I did a PhD on (early) child development.

And then there is my long-lasting love with photography. Creating images means that I can catch a slice of time to show the beauty that often goes unnoticed but is really there. My style is candid, often minimalist, with a nordic touch here and there – as several years of photography in Stockholm have left their trace.


What’s my mission?

I want to create images that speak, that move, that make a difference. And with these images, I want to add something valuable to different facets of your life. For instance by helping you show off your work, tell the story of your brand or by helping you treasure and  remember amazing events or the everyday moments of your life.