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Personal portraits: You are unique

It is in the way you speak, how you move your hands, the way you turn around and smile, it is in the many tides and facets of your face. We don’t always look at ourselves in an appreciative way and there may be times when we can find that self-acceptance is still a long way off. Perhaps our view has become a little cloudy and it may take the vision of another to open up a new perspective. This photo session is a gift to yourself. It is a conscious act of treating yourself with kindness, embracing life. A  space that allows me to show you how beautiful and special you are.

From € 300


Social media headshots: Facing the world

Omnipresent social media. One way or another, you need to show your face to the world, whether it is via LinkedIn, Academia, Facebook or on your own website. However, I believe that you do not only need a flattering image. You need a message. In this photo session, we pinpoint the message and create an image that says just the right words. And more than that, an image that you will love to show to the world.

From € 150

Pregnancy photo shoot: In bloom

Pregnancy is a phase of life that is special at so many levels. A time of transitioning, preparation, wonder, and joy…but also often hard work (both physically and emotionally). This is a photo shoot that is designed for you to take a moment to pause and celebrate this special stage of your life, this time of “bloom”.

From € 250

Baby shower: In a shower of joy

Need a shower? I do! Baby showers are awesome occasions to be a little giggly and just go with the flow, eat fabulous food, enjoy friendship and a jolly good time together! All so worth capturing! And I must admit…I LOVE THE DECORATIONS and always make sure I capture those, too! So do you have a baby shower coming up? Let me know! I am all in!

From € 250

Baby portraits: Precious baby days

Looking back at the images I took of my children in their first few months of life, I find it hard to believe how tiny they were – and how much of their personality was already visible from very early on! This photos session is designed to capture the wonderful and intense baby days in a heart-warming, authentic way.

From € 280

Kids life style photo shoot: Finding treasures

A little adventure, a time to explore and to play. Kids photo sessions are fun, creative and exciting. No matter whether in the great outdoors or at your favorite indoor location, there are so many moments worth capturing!

From € 250

Another idea? Excellent! I would love to hear all about it!