The Art of Making

The Art of Making

The story behind the project

It would be fair to say that The Art of Making was born because of a gut feeling. I remember the incredible uplift I felt when entering a Maker’s market in Leuven in December 2019. Being in a room full of people who show the beautiful things they make almost made me feel like on a sugar high. The creative power in that room was immense.

2 years later, I invited 2 women to take part in a pro-bono studio photo shoot in Mechelen. I called it “Doing what you love”. Same feeling.

In spring 2022 I decided that there was no reason to not do more of this. Doing what I love to do. Featuring local makers and the work of their hands. Diving into the beautiful process of making together with them.

So here we are. The project has started, in ongoing and, as I hope, will be expanding. Would you like to know more? Keep on reading below!

About the project

For 2022, this is a pro bono project. I am dedicating one working day per month to the project. I get in touch with makers, get to know them (if I don’t know them already), we discuss about a shooting day together.

I am then meeting the maker at his/her workshop and we go through their workflow together. Then I dive into photographing every step of the making process:  Materials, tools, hand movements, the mood, the space, a smile. It’s very intuitive. I follow the maker, I do not interfere (perhaps I might ask for re-doing a step or slowing down..).

Back at my desk, I select and edit the images. Then, they are compiled into a visual story.

The makers that participate in the projects can use the photos for their own marketing. This way, the project has a positive impact on the maker and their business. It also invites the makers to see themselves and their work from a different perspective – one that celebrates their craft and work.

This could really be something for me! Or for someone I know. What do I do?

I would love to talk to you (het mag ook in het Nederlands ;-))! Please get in touch via the contact form below!