The Portrait Day

The Portrait Day

The place

The house and garden of Kristien are simply magical. For me, it is perfect place to feel relaxed and inspired. I hope it will be the same feeling for you!

The collaboration

Sanne is incredible at creating make-up that looks natural and enhances your face. She is great at listening to what you need and want and transforms that into a look that feels right for you. If I could choose, I would have her on stand-by for any self-portrait or portrait shoot that I do!

And Kristien? She makes everyone who enters her beautiful house feel at ease, welcome and just at the right place. In case you have not met her yet, it is definitely time for that! And don’t even get me started on the delicious and beautiful-looking snacks that she prepares…

The approach

It’s about understanding you. I want to create images for you that truly reflect you, your personality and your business. Therefore,  I want to get to know you and understand why you are doing what you are doing, what matters to you and what are the things that your audience needs to know about you. That’s why we book in a 1-1.5 hour conversation to connect and share. I ask tons of questions, listen to your answers and take notes.

It’s tailor-made. Then, my task will be to translate the understanding that I gain about you and your business into ideas and images that best communicate for you. And images that you will see yourself in (i.e. they really show who you are). We will work with a moodboard to help the brainstorming and planning phase and make the process transparent. Then, and only then, comes the time when we create the images and I shape them in the editing process into valuable visuals for you.

It’s about the connection. Great portraits need connection, a relation, an exchange. They aren’t born into a void. For me it is so important, that this experience is not a moment in time when things are “done to you” or you need to “pose”, but rather a possibility to connect, to share and work together on something. And then the images reflect that connection, they allow you to be yourself. And your audience will feel that.

This could really be something for me! But could you tell me more about the details?

Sure! To make it easier for you to find the information you are looking for, I have created a Q&A section below. If you don’t find what you want to know below, please drop me a line in the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Location & Dates

Where does it take place?

It takes place at Kloosterstraat 1 in 3360 Korbeek-Lo, which is just a few kilometres from the city centre of Leuven.

When does it take place?

It takes place once a month, with the following dates in autumn 2021:


  • Tuesday, 12th of October 2021
  • Tuesday, 23rd of November 2021

What time of the day?

Each Portrait Day has 4 time windows and you can book the date and time slot that works best for you.

Please schedule in 3 hours of your time for the consultation with Sanne and the portrait experience, plus time to take a break with something to drink and snacks.

These are the four available time slots:

9 am -12 am

10 am – 1 pm

1 pm – 4 pm

2 pm – 5 pm


What is my investment?

Your investment is 550 € (plus VAT) and, of course, your time.

What is included in the price?

Before The Portrait Day

  • Online or in-person consultation (1-1.5 hours)
  • Moodboard & brainstorming and discussion of ideas


On The Portrait Day

  • Make-up and hair styling consultation from Sanne (1 hour)
  • Portrait photo experience (between 1- 1.5 hours)
  • Unlimited access to the coffee/tea&cake corner


After The Portrait Day

  • A personalized online gallery
  • 30 (+) images (high-res and web size) edited to match your brand & purpose of usage
  • Recommendations on how you could use your images online to support your story & brand

How does this compare to the other services you offer?

The Portrait day is customized like a personal brand photography experience but the photo shoot is shorter and the package contains less images than would be the case for the complete authentic personal branding package (950 Euro).

It also includes the hair and make-up consultation and actual make-up for the photos, which is – at this point –  not included in my packages.

Booking & payment

How do I sign up?

Please sign up using the contact form on the bottom of the page.

If, for some sad reason, the contact form should not be working or you prefer to write an email, you can also contact me via

Until when do I need to sign up?

We would like to ask you to register one month in advance so we know in time how many people would like to participate. Below are the registration deadlines for each of the days.

Please register until:

  • 14th of September 2021 for The Portrait Day on the 12th of October 2021
  • 26th of October 2021 for The Portrait Day on the 23rd of November 2021

When and how do I pay?

We would like to ask you to pay as a confirmation for your registration.

Please pay via bank transfer to the account of Kristien De Ceulaer, Tulips&Cake, KBC: BE03 7310 3500 8584 .



What if I need to cancel?

We would be very sad because we would not get to see you!

But if you do need to cancel, it all depends on when you do that. In short, this is our cancellation policy:

  • If you cancel 30 days before the event and before you have had the online/in-person consultation, you get the entire amount back.
  • You cancel within the last 14 days before the event, before the consultation, you get the entire amount back, if you find someone else to take your place.
  • You cancel within the last 14 days before the event, after the consultation, you get 80% of the amount you paid back, if you find someone else who participates on your behalf.
  • If you cancel within the last 14 days before the event, after your consultation, you do not loose any of the amount paid if 1) you find someone to replace you and 2) you book an available time slot on another Portrait Day.

Any other questions on that? Please drop me a line, using the contact form on the bottom of the page!

My registration and payment is completed. What happens next?

Yay! So looking forward to getting started!

Now I will get in touch with you to plan our online or in-person consultation. Ideally, this would be 2 weeks before The Portrait Day so that I have enough time to do the brainstorming, create the moodboard and discuss things with you and come up with a good roadmap for the actual day. Exciting!!

Creating the portraits

Where do we take the portraits?

We will take the portraits in and around the house and garden of Kristien.

There are multiple possibilities for creating beautiful images and I will bring additional backgrounds and lights to create the looks that will work best for you.

We will also discuss how we can add unique storytelling elements into the images through items that are meaningful to you. Except if that would mean that you will bring your entire living room ;-).


What kind of portraits will you create?

In short, the portraits that will tell stories about you to the people you want to talk to on your favourite online platform(s) or webpage. We will talk about that in the consultation beforehand.

For instance, you know that you want an image for your LinkedIn profile. That could be one objective. You also know that you would like to have some more lifestyle images that show a fragment of your daily life as a business owner. The second objective could be for us to create a series of images to highlight one story.

For instance, you love to read books and you do that on a regular basis because it helps you to learn more about x, which is what you help your clients with. That says a lot about you. That you are curious and eager to learn. That you care about your clients and want to help them in the best way you can. That you want to understand your subject.

In order to tell that story, we could make an image of you reading a book. Another one of you taking notes from that book (e.g. because you like to remember things and use quotes from time to time). Yet another image of you leafing through the book or putting it on a pile of your books. If that book is a book that you got as a gift from a friend who has been very supportive and means a lot to you, then it is the visual anchor for a story you can share. About support, about friendship, about the importance of connection.

This is just a simple example to show you that there are tons of options for images. And together with the message and story that it represents, it becomes a powerful tool for telling your story.

Images and online gallery

When & how do I get access to the online gallery?

At the latest 10 days after The Portrait Day, you will get an email with the invitation. This also contains a link that will take you straight away your online gallery.


How do I receive the images hat I choose?

After you will have made your choice of images, I will create a separate folder for you in the gallery. You will be able to download the images straight away from that folder.



What if I want more than 30 images?

Then you can of course purchase additional images afterwards. The price per additional edited image is 25 Euro.

Would you like to sign up? Do you have further questions?

Please use the contact form below! For signing up, please mention

  • the date and time you would like to book
  • your name, business name, address and VAT number
  • any dietary restrictions/preferences you may have (this is important for preparing snacks for you).

Can't wait to hear from you! Would love to talk soon!